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This blog is maintained by Mel Cole, Marina, Johnjohn and Cecile Ann. Mel got married and has 2 kids. Mel finished a 4 year nursing education in college and became RN in Philippines. Mel lives in Pennsylvania, USA. Marina is a retired government employee (Economist III) and mothering 2 young adult kids now. Johnjohn is also an RN in Philippines and currently working at a Call center. Cecile Ann just graduated her 4th year college in Philippines in April 2014. She is currently working at a Call center too. Marina, Johnjohn & Cecile Ann lives in Bohol, Philippines.  Their new-found passion is blogging and they're dedicated to blog about adventures on their happy home, lovely inspiration that helps self-improvement on health and well-being, and more on Happy Home Lovely Inspiration blog or site.
For Questions, please contact directly at seraphimfriend(at)gmail(dot)com. Mel will read them and will reply as soon as possible.