February 21, 2014

Pretty Japanese Dolls

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I am fascinated of dolls. Even though I'm older, I still like to play with dolls, stuff toys and other cute dolls things that a little girl will love to play. These japanese dolls are no ordinary dolls. I saw them while we're at an Aviation museum in Hammondsport, NY. They were exhibited there as they were newly donated to the museum. It was interesting to see many of them and they are so cute!


Here's a Japanese doll dancer in red outfit.

And here's more antique Japanese dolls. So pretty!

Ain't this neat to see artistic creations made from other country?

Five Alternative Materials to Consider When Building a Home

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Environmental awareness is changing the actions and decisions of many consumers. Nowhere is this more evident than in the building industry. Today's home buyers are choosing to build homes from eco-friendly materials and are incorporating lots of energy saving features and appliances into their

February 14, 2014

Fun Jolly Snowmen

Howdy everyone! We had fun the other day creating snowmen in our backyard. It was a little bit difficult to do it because the weather is still dry and it makes the snow feel fluffy. It took us two days to finish it as it's really, really cold out there. We first built the body of our snowman and I did some trick for the head by adding some water on the snow so it will be a packed ice. Had some old scarf, carrots for the nose and eyes, tree branches for the arms. My kids love their snow man. Smiles. Hope you enjoy it too! Happy Valentines day!

Giving Gifts As A Love Language

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Giving gifts to your loved one is one of the five love languages that you can show them and make them feel special. Also, everyone loves to receive gifts especially if it came from the one they love. A gift that comes from the heart is very meaningful especially this Valentines day! How about surprise her with a flower bouquet and a jewelry in it? Surprise your hubby with a nice watch too! You can find nice jewelry sale at any fashion jewelry store either online or in-store. You know, it doesn't have to be very expensive! Smiles.

Lovely Green Pan

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I really enjoyed using this new green pan. It's one that I got from my product reviews. It's my largest pan and it has smooth ceramic and non-stick surface. I like that I can cook lots of taco meat, fried fish and other food that needs to be fried. I use less oil and even drain lots of fat from the ground meat. It's very easy to clean and dry by hand. If you like to get one of these, check out Ozeri at Amazon online.

Useful App For Real Estate Agent

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Are you a real estate agent looking for ways on how to manage your tasks daily? Do you use technology in your multitasking in order to perform the responsibilities and duties as an agent