July 21, 2014

Birthday Cake creations

I had fun making my kids birthday cakes. I didn't have time to browse the internet for ideas. I asked my husband to give me an outline of a Godzilla to pipe in my 5 year old's cake (He requested a Godzilla in his cake) and I just made a simple dark chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting for my 3 year old. I made the buttercream icing and cake (except the one with Godzilla in it) from scratch. The cakes are arguing who is delicious in this pic but to my family and friends who tasted them, they said they are excellent. I like that both of them turned out moist too. I'm proud to apply the baking and icing skills that I learned from my Wilton cake decorating class October last year and April this year. I also made cupcakes last month. This month, I took a course 3 class in Cake decorating. It's all about fondant and gum paste stuff. It's difficult but the efforts are rewarding. I can't wait to bake and decorate my first fondant cake!

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