May 26, 2014

Ways to save Energy and make House green

Transforming your house into an Eco-friendly home is beneficial for not just the environment, but those living with you as well. It's not just about buying non-chemical, green products but also on how to save energy and water, re-use biodegradable items and reduce using plastic made products at home. In my home I have implemented a few tricks of my own to ensure our house is a green as possible. We try our best to practice Eco-friendliness, even if it is just in the small things. These are the ways I save energy and make the house as green as possible:

1) To save energy, we use yellow bulbs as lights in our rooms except in the kitchen where one small florescent light remains.

2) I try to remember to clean the lint out of our water baseboard heater every other day. I always make sure unused rooms in the house have the lights switched off.

3) A hot water faucet in our half bathroom the other day was leaking and so I turned off the hot water pipe under the sink to stop the leak until my husband can fix the faucet.

4) My husband and I researched appliances and found that energy-star appliances can reduce energy consumption. Therefore, our main appliances at home such as the washing machine, dryer, printer and fridge all have the energy-star seal. We did notice a significant reduction in our electric consumption after we got rid of our old appliances. To make sure we were reducing landfill we gave the appliances to be sold and reused for parts.

 5) In Summer, where the weather is hot, humid and sunny, we install a clothes line outside to dry our clean clothes from the washer.

 6) We also do gardening to grow fresh produce at home and reduce buying canned goods during Summer and Fall.

I think many people find electricity and water to be the main areas where energy conservation is possible. A lot of small actions and new habits can mean less carbon dioxide being produced. In saying that, there are a few ways you can completely change the way you use power around the home such as installing solar panels. They use the natural power from the sun to generate electricity for your lights and appliances. Australian Solar Quotes has some information for anyone thinking about going down this road.

Want to know how Eco-friendly you are? Take this short interactive quiz to find out!

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