April 4, 2014

Wedding Dance

There was this video that got viral in the internet about how a father and a daughter danced together at the daughter's wedding reception. At first, it was full of drama as the father gave speech and you can feel that he is really close to his daughter and couldn't believe that her wedding day has finally come. He then asked her daughter a one last dance and they were in tears. All of a sudden the music turned into groovy and they were both doing a funny dance. I was in tears and suddenly I laughed! It made me remember my wedding day. I wasn't able to get a dance request by my father but my husband and I did dance together. I wish I looked for wedding dance lessons before the wedding day as I kept on stepping my husband feet. It was a fun day other than that though. It's nice that we hired a DJ to keep things lively. How about you, would you consider to have dancing as a part of your Wedding program too?

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