April 4, 2014

X-wing Star Fighter Paper Model - Kids Craft

My son and his Daddy has been busy building paper models lately. They are very fanatic to Star Wars movies and so he asked his Dad to help him build an X-wing star fighter paper model. My husband got to print a free printable online on building one and so here's Little G, smiling and excitedly cutting and building his paper toy.


The little brother also joined but he can't follow lines in cutting yet.


So far this is what Little G has finished assembling. I can't wait to see it finally done tonight

How about you, do you paper model craft too?

Wedding Dance

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There was this video that got viral in the internet about how a father and a daughter danced together at the daughter's wedding reception. At first, it was full of drama as the father gave speech and you can feel that he is really close to his daughter and couldn't believe that her wedding day has finally come. He then asked her daughter a one last dance and they were in tears. All of a sudden the music turned into groovy and they were both doing a funny dance. I was in tears and suddenly I laughed! It made me remember my wedding

April 1, 2014

Spreading Her Wings

I'm so excited because we have another college graduate in our family. It's my youngest sister who is spreading her wings! I am touched of what she said in her FB status the other day. She is grateful to all people who supported her. Congratulations and you're welcome my dear sister! You brought happy tears in my eyes. Smiles.


She and my mother messaged me that her graduation is on April 3. She also tagged me in her graduation picture in FB and here it is above. She said they are not going to wear toga but some kind of a sash. I can't wait to see more of her graduation pictures! I will definitely share it here with you folks. Wink!


She's the one in light pink blouse and black slacks on the picture above. She's with her classmates as they celebrate their success after a Mock interview. She said she got 100 percent score! Good Job Sis!


She's the one on the left on this picture. I'm glad one of her friends offered to let her borrow a nice dress for her school's Seniors Convocation before they graduate. Ain't she pretty? Smile.


She's the one on the left. She is with one of her best friends. She's wearing their school's Community Health Nursing uniform.


She's the one on the very right on this picture with a pink backpack. She's wearing their school's Nursing Uniform.

She is asking prayers for her preparation and success in taking the Board Exam or Nurse Licensure Exam on May. We're all praying for her intentions. If you have a moment, please pray for her too. Thank you!

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Common Household Pests

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Everyone's had to deal with this situation: You arrive home from a tiresome day at the grind followed by a long haul train ride. All you want to do is curl up on the couch with a book or tune into the latest episode of Revenge (or let's be honest – Game of Thrones). Unfortunately, you didn't have time to clean up your breakfast mess before you left, and your kitchen has turned into a rave reaching the equivalency of your

Spring is in the Corner

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I saw tulip sprouts in my front porch the other day. I planted red tulips after we moved in our new house. I can't wait to see them blooming! It's been a while I haven't seen flowers in the very cold winter we have in our area. I also saw some crocus buds in the other part of my yard. My kids felt disappointed that the daffodils they planted in last year's Fall hasn't shown sprouts yet. I told them it will probably bloom in the late Spring. They kept going back in our garden to see more green signs.


The weather has been nice to us lately. There are days that it snows heavily but it got melted the next day,  which is nice. I'm glad we were able to build some snow man in February as it is hard to build a snow man in this Spring snowy days. I see the tips of the trees and bushes having red branches. There's a saying that goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers. I hope we will have lots of rain this month so we will have lots of flowers on May. Smiles.