March 7, 2014

Be Timely When Choosing Your Wedding Gown

June is fast approaching and one of the things that reminds me of this month are June Brides. It's because I have friends who are getting married in June and others are going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this June. I did a little research today on why many couples choose June to be their target month to get married. One interesting information says that, it's because June is the month where the heart of Spring blossoms. The wedding ceremony can take advantage of the beautiful weather and there will be lots of flowers to ornate the church and the reception.


Are you a June Bride-to-be? Now that it's March, it is the best month to shop for your Wedding dress. I can say that according to my wedding preparation experience (although our wedding was on a July). I was busy looking at magazines and talking to my seamstress for garment advice around January. I was able to finalize the design around March. It took that long time as I have to compare my style with my Mom and the seamstress suggestion. It took lots of stress after I saw the sketch and agreed with the kind of fabric that's going to be sewn. The wedding gown is the most crucial part of the preparation. So, I do understand if it also takes you long time to decide your wedding gown. Just make sure you are tracking your progress so that time won't keep you rushing in taking care of the rest of your wedding preparation. Check out the Wedding Dresses at Topwedding online today. They have fabulous selection there. You can also look at their Wedding Shoes and Wedding Veils ideas that would match your wedding gown. It's always nice to find shops that has variety of wedding designs when you're on a budget too. You can always have the option to buy a pre-made wedding gown instead of hiring a seamstress to sew the whole dress for you. If you are artistic, why not start looking at the simplest design and see if you can tweak it with an artistic friend with bead art and lacey veil. Beaded wedding gowns are very elegant. Veils are classic and traditional which completes the wedding outfit of the bride. When I had finalized my design, the seamstress sew it one month before my wedding day. There were a few more tweaks before I finally wear it. It's beautiful! The picture above is my wedding dress. I hope you like it too!


  1. Choosing a wedding gown could be stressful especially there are so many out in the market .

  2. A lot of time must be spent for the wedding dress and male counterpart suite. Be sure to select that satisfies you both for the wedding rite.

  3. You look lovely in your wedding gown sis.

  4. Timing your purchase of wedding dress can really save you a lot of time.