March 12, 2014

Luggage Idea for International Flights

Have you experienced international flights? It can be scary the first time. I remember the first time I flew from US to Philippines and vice versa, I was scared because I'm flying alone with my kids. I wish my husband was with me. It's hard if it's your first time as you have no idea what to watch out for especially the contents of your luggage. It's nice if you have a friend who can advice you on what to bring and how much luggage weight is allowed. But the first thing you should really check out is your plane's information about this and your final country of destination's traveler guide like for instance if you're bound from foreign country to US. You can either call them or check them out in the internet. Most airline companies these days are high tech and inclined to be reachable via their website in the internet.

I made sure that I have a separate bag that I can carry all the time for our important papers. You can choose a backpack or a rolling luggage. Backpacks are nice than rolling luggage because you can move fast without delay. If you're traveling with kids, bring 1 umbrella stroller. As for the luggage bags, one adult/full seat passenger is allowed to bring two 50 lbs luggage. This is the content of my luggage. Note: This is from my 2013 international flight from Philippines to US. The immigration asked me what's the content of a kalamay. I told him that it has coconut jam in it. I was worried if the steel pan and pot get confiscated but I'm glad they were still there.


I was able to bring dried fish and squid, and canned goods.


The picture below is a silhouette of my kids while watching the outside window at Incheon International airport.

How about you, what other things were you able to bring after an international flight? Could you share with me too what were not allowed?

Business Card Idea

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What do you look for when purchasing prints for your business cards? It is important to know what you want for the logo and graphics for your business card so the printing company gets the idea of what your business is all about. A business card is a very important, raw marketing image of yourself and your business. You don't want your costumers to be disappointed if it doesn't say the fact about your services.

March 7, 2014

Tardis Paper Art

My husband has been inviting me and my kids to watch with him the early series of Dr. Who DVDs that he borrowed from the library. All of a sudden the kids has been crazy about it. They expressed that they want to be Time lords!


It's getting crazy in our household, alright. Smiles. Little G finished this Tardis papermodel yesterday. I helped him cut the tiny details on the roof but overall, he was participating on this cool project. He was able to glue the sides and flaps.

He is so careful in handling his Tardis. Good job Little G!


Be Timely When Choosing Your Wedding Gown

June is fast approaching and one of the things that reminds me of this month are June Brides. It's because I have friends who are getting married in June and others are going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this June. I did a little research today on why many couples choose June to be their target month to get married. One interesting information says that, it's because June is the month where the heart of Spring blossoms. The wedding ceremony can take advantage of the beautiful weather and there will be lots of flowers to ornate the church and the reception.


Are you a June Bride-to-be?