January 3, 2014

Gadgets for Craft Hobbyists that Are Downright Crafty

Can we love crafty gadgets? You bet! Every crafts lover has their most favorite, indispensable tools or gadgets they couldn't live without. Maybe for a scrap booker it's the tape dispenser they have got had since grade school. For somebody else it might be the knitting needles they've used for years. All we know is we are always looking for interesting and new craft-related gizmos, like a nifty gadget
for adding grommets to canvas and fabrics.


Chinese Scissors By using a design dating back to 300 years, Chinese-style scissors are prized by craftspeople for their hand forged, solid-steel razor and construction sharp edges. The steel edge is laminated to some softer iron backing, combining great strength with a keen edge, all in a time-tested and attractive package. What's not to like about that?

Cricut Mini Electronic Cutting Machine

Modern technology meets the old-school hobby of scrap booking: this gadget allows scrap bookers to jazz up their treasures with professional quality die cut designs and lettering. It only weighs seven pounds and is easily transportable. Scrap bookers rejoice; you will love this one.

Grommet machine

This can be one gadget everybody seems to find a use for: outdoorsmen, hobbyists, and crafters alike. Outdoorsmen love the fact they may use it to customize or repair tarps and canvas sheeting materials. Craft lovers will find it perfect for making curtains, totes and bags, and a one and hundred other things.

Purple Thang

Little Foot helps make the very neat-o craft gadget called the Purple Thang, describing it thusly: "It pulls, pokes and pushes p-fudges, p-turns, p-stuffs! It makes its very own uses! Every quilter/crafter/seamstress needs one! " We have to agree. Besides, we love the name!

Martha Stewart Crafts Bone Folder

Martha calls this an indispensable tool for the crafter and we could be hard pressed to disagree. You can use this super versatile tool to crease, score and smooth and burnishestissue and paper, and cardboard. It makes perfect creases and folds. We'd say all that will not be bad for the price (less than $5), pretty good at all.


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