January 29, 2014

Wedding Pictorial At The Beach

I was looking over my computer's photo archive and I saw this nice wedding pictorial at the beach. I remember we went to this beach one Summer and we saw 2 limousine vehicles. These men and women with bright yellow and pink umbrellas came out of the vehicle and I thought they look like they just came from a party. After the people came out, the photographers are getting ready outside the door and took lots of pictures when the bride, wearing her wedding gown, came out last in the limo. Everyone in their group look happy and looks like they were staying there for a while to catch up some beach sunset pictorials together.

The last picture is Little G wearing sunglasses. Boy, I sure miss the beach! We have been experiencing very cold weather lately. A couple of days ago we had 0 to -7 degrees F in the local Weather report. It is expected that we will have more of them till the end of this week. Our cold water pipes got frozen so there's no cold water to neutralize the very hot water in the pipes. I collect the hot water in tub where I put a plug in the drain and let it stay there for a while. And when it cools down a little bit, we can bathe. 

January 28, 2014

Five Easy ways to Liven up Your Bathroom

The bathroom can seem like one of the hardest rooms to decorate. You may be at a complete loss of what to do to spruce it up. There are, however, a number of things that you can do to liven up your bathroom. Here are five quick and easy ways to spruce up your bathroom.



Bathrooms are too often bland, white and stark. They feel very clinical – not at

January 3, 2014

Cute Swimming Seahorse

My husband and I visited the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls New York a month ago. It was a short yet a fantastic experience for us. We saw lots of marine animals and one of it that really fascinates me is the Seahorse. I remember holding a live seahorse when I was a kid. It was one of those days that we see them while swimming at a beach in Philippines. My father said we should put it back to the sea because it is a very fragile animal. I am so happy to see more seahorses in the aquarium place in Niagara NY. They are bigger like about 12 inches tall. I took a video of it and hope you guys will enjoy watching it too!

If you guys didn't see the video in your email, watch it on my blog. Enjoy!

Gadgets for Craft Hobbyists that Are Downright Crafty

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Can we love crafty gadgets? You bet! Every crafts lover has their most favorite, indispensable tools or gadgets they couldn't live without. Maybe for a scrap booker it's the tape dispenser they have got had since grade school. For somebody else it might be the knitting needles they've used for years. All we know is we are always looking for interesting and new craft-related gizmos, like a nifty gadget

January 1, 2014

Our Home Little Manger

Happy New Year! It's amazing we're now in 2014! I wish you good cheer and good health everyone! I haven't took down our Christmas decor yet. We still have to celebrate our Lord's birthday until Epiphany. So here's what my little manger look like at home. I light a candle as Jesus's symbol is the light of the world. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration with your family and friends! Blessings to all!