December 2, 2014

Giant Christmas tree

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My siblings has been reaching out to me in Facebook. They said they are excited for Christmas. I told them that my balik bayan box won't make it this year. They said it's ok. I sent them monetary gift instead. They said my parents were so happy. I keep praying that God will protect them there always. It's hard being so far away to them. My siblings went to a mall after church in their place. They saw this giant christmas trees. I'm glad they get time to do bonding as siblings and with their friends this Christmas. They said my parents are doing fine in Bohol.


This is my brother with the colorful Christmas tree in the background.
And here's my two siblings posing at a bright Christmas tree in the background after church.

November 1, 2014

Glimpse of my Brother

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My brother always make me feel so proud being his oldest sister. He sometimes message me in Facebook. He updates his timeline with this inspiring pictures of his life. He got a new job, a call center agent, after working one year at a Tertiary hospital in Bohol. He said he's happy that he is not jobless at present. He likes to save money. He either reward himself something like new shoes or help my sister and my parents. He likes to play basketball with his friends. I'm praying for him to go abroad someday. I wish he could visit us in US someday too. To my dear brother, please continue being a good and responsible man. We love you!


October 22, 2014

Acoustic piano and keyboard

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Have you considered playing from acoustic piano to a keyboard? I also asked my husband if it's that difficult a transition. He said a little because for him, he is used to playing piano with 88 keys in it but the affordable keyboards these days has 76 or less keys in it. He said he really missed his old keyboard that got burned

Music studio at home

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Keeping a music studio at home has been popular these days. You can keep either electronic or acoustic instruments that you like to play. For music artists who likes to play electronic instruments, you might want to

July 21, 2014

Birthday Cake creations

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I had fun making my kids birthday cakes. I didn't have time to browse the internet for ideas. I asked my husband to give me an outline of a Godzilla to pipe in my 5 year old's cake (He requested a Godzilla in his cake) and I just made a simple dark chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting for my 3 year old. I made the buttercream icing and cake (except the one with Godzilla in it) from scratch. The cakes are arguing who is delicious in this pic but to my family and friends who tasted them, they said they are excellent. I like that both of them turned out moist too. I'm proud to apply the baking and icing skills that I learned from my Wilton cake decorating class October last year and April this year. I also made cupcakes last month. This month, I took a course 3 class in Cake decorating. It's all about fondant and gum paste stuff. It's difficult but the efforts are rewarding. I can't wait to bake and decorate my first fondant cake!

Play Violin

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Do you know how many types of violin there are? I'm sure the experienced violin player would know. But to a person like me who likes to learn new things, I found out that it's types has different categories such as size, time period and genre. I thought there is only one violin type, but there are so many of it out there. The most popular one though is the classic orchestra wood violin. Violin is one of the instruments that I would love to learn how to play someday. I read that it's hard to play and that's why I kept putting it off. I envy those friends who can play it. Buying one is not too bad as I saw in second hand stores, they cost around $50 for a classic wood violin. It's tempting! How about you, do you play violin?

My Sister's Graduation

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My sister's graduation took place in April. It took me a while to post this as there are lots of things that happened in my schedule 3 months ago. Anyhow, I keep looking back at this beautiful moments of my dear youngest sibling. I'm so happy that the 3 of us finally have a college degree and in Nursing too! I love my family and I miss them! Our long distance makes me sad sometimes but it's God's will. My sister got a performance art award in her Nursing batch. She is a very talented sibling of mine. She has passion in Music (I'm jealous!). She knows how to sing and play the guitar. She wants to learn how to play the piano someday. She is now working at a Call center agency in Philippines. I'm proud of her and my brother that they survived living in Cebu city together, the second metro city in our country. I will keep praying for them to have continued success in life.

June 26, 2014

Strawberry picking

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My kids and I enjoyed our strawberry picking this year. It's our first time to do this together and I'm glad it turned out alright. The kids are ready to know whether the strawberry are ripe or not. It was raining before we went to the local farm so we ate some strawberries on spot (making sure there's no dirt outside the strawberry). Man! It was delicious! It was not hollow on the inside and the taste was sweet! Went home with 6 pounds of strawberries and I paid $12. Not bad, huh? It's nice that we can support our local farms this way. I remember buying some in the store before that, and they sometimes have cheap prices but the strawberry is hollow on the inside and when you eat it, it's tasteless. Must be different variety but I'm glad the ones we picked are so good!

How about you, do you like to eat strawberries? Have you tried strawberry picking too?

May 27, 2014

Grandma is feeling Better

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I took this pictures last week during our visit to my husband's Mom who got hospitalized. I remember she was taken by a 911 ambulance from her house after my brother in law and I couldn't get her up after she fell on the side of her bed early morning. She was on her knees when I got to her house and she's groaning in pain. My heart couldn't bear her suffering but I tried my best to really help her up and alleviate her knee pain. After she was brought to the Emergency room, her doctor finally decided to confine her in the hospital to treat her bladder infection which triggered her heart failure episode. The doctor explained to her exam readings that her heart is getting weak and she needs rest and antibiotics to treat her infection.

My husband and kids were sanitizing their hands at the entrance of the hospital lobby to visit Grandma.

She was taken to a room in CCU (Critical Care Unit). I can see my Mother  in law consoled after she saw her Grandsons. My kids are worried what the hospital is doing to her as they saw lots of tubes and computer connecting to Grandma.

Little G is sad in this picture because he is wondering why Grandma has lots of tubes. I explained to him that it's helping Grandma right now to make her feel better. We are also consoled looking at Grandma that she's smiling. We felt that she will feel alright soon. We kept praying hard. We want her to stay with us longer. Just this Sunday, we're happy that the doctor finally decided that she is looking a lot better and not having complications with the antibiotics he's giving to her. She got discharged and we assisted her to be comfortable when she got to her house. We're so happy that she got to celebrate Memorial day with us today. And she's happy that she got home before the boys celebrate their birthdays this first week of June.

May 26, 2014

Ways to save Energy and make House green

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Transforming your house into an Eco-friendly home is beneficial for not just the environment, but those living with you as well. It's not just about buying non-chemical, green products but also on how to save energy and water, re-use biodegradable items and reduce using plastic made products at home. In my home I have implemented a few tricks of my own to ensure our house is a green as possible. We try our best to practice Eco-friendliness, even if it is just in the small things. These are the ways I save energy and make the house as green as possible:

1) To save energy, we use yellow bulbs as lights in our rooms except in the kitchen where one small florescent light remains.

April 4, 2014

X-wing Star Fighter Paper Model - Kids Craft

My son and his Daddy has been busy building paper models lately. They are very fanatic to Star Wars movies and so he asked his Dad to help him build an X-wing star fighter paper model. My husband got to print a free printable online on building one and so here's Little G, smiling and excitedly cutting and building his paper toy.


The little brother also joined but he can't follow lines in cutting yet.


So far this is what Little G has finished assembling. I can't wait to see it finally done tonight

How about you, do you paper model craft too?

Wedding Dance

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There was this video that got viral in the internet about how a father and a daughter danced together at the daughter's wedding reception. At first, it was full of drama as the father gave speech and you can feel that he is really close to his daughter and couldn't believe that her wedding day has finally come. He then asked her daughter a one last dance and they were in tears. All of a sudden the music turned into groovy and they were both doing a funny dance. I was in tears and suddenly I laughed! It made me remember my wedding

April 1, 2014

Spreading Her Wings

I'm so excited because we have another college graduate in our family. It's my youngest sister who is spreading her wings! I am touched of what she said in her FB status the other day. She is grateful to all people who supported her. Congratulations and you're welcome my dear sister! You brought happy tears in my eyes. Smiles.


She and my mother messaged me that her graduation is on April 3. She also tagged me in her graduation picture in FB and here it is above. She said they are not going to wear toga but some kind of a sash. I can't wait to see more of her graduation pictures! I will definitely share it here with you folks. Wink!


She's the one in light pink blouse and black slacks on the picture above. She's with her classmates as they celebrate their success after a Mock interview. She said she got 100 percent score! Good Job Sis!


She's the one on the left on this picture. I'm glad one of her friends offered to let her borrow a nice dress for her school's Seniors Convocation before they graduate. Ain't she pretty? Smile.


She's the one on the left. She is with one of her best friends. She's wearing their school's Community Health Nursing uniform.


She's the one on the very right on this picture with a pink backpack. She's wearing their school's Nursing Uniform.

She is asking prayers for her preparation and success in taking the Board Exam or Nurse Licensure Exam on May. We're all praying for her intentions. If you have a moment, please pray for her too. Thank you!

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Common Household Pests

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Everyone's had to deal with this situation: You arrive home from a tiresome day at the grind followed by a long haul train ride. All you want to do is curl up on the couch with a book or tune into the latest episode of Revenge (or let's be honest – Game of Thrones). Unfortunately, you didn't have time to clean up your breakfast mess before you left, and your kitchen has turned into a rave reaching the equivalency of your

Spring is in the Corner

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I saw tulip sprouts in my front porch the other day. I planted red tulips after we moved in our new house. I can't wait to see them blooming! It's been a while I haven't seen flowers in the very cold winter we have in our area. I also saw some crocus buds in the other part of my yard. My kids felt disappointed that the daffodils they planted in last year's Fall hasn't shown sprouts yet. I told them it will probably bloom in the late Spring. They kept going back in our garden to see more green signs.


The weather has been nice to us lately. There are days that it snows heavily but it got melted the next day,  which is nice. I'm glad we were able to build some snow man in February as it is hard to build a snow man in this Spring snowy days. I see the tips of the trees and bushes having red branches. There's a saying that goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers. I hope we will have lots of rain this month so we will have lots of flowers on May. Smiles.

March 12, 2014

Luggage Idea for International Flights

Have you experienced international flights? It can be scary the first time. I remember the first time I flew from US to Philippines and vice versa, I was scared because I'm flying alone with my kids. I wish my husband was with me. It's hard if it's your first time as you have no idea what to watch out for especially the contents of your luggage. It's nice if you have a friend who can advice you on what to bring and how much luggage weight is allowed. But the first thing you should really check out is your plane's information about this and your final country of destination's traveler guide like for instance if you're bound from foreign country to US. You can either call them or check them out in the internet. Most airline companies these days are high tech and inclined to be reachable via their website in the internet.

I made sure that I have a separate bag that I can carry all the time for our important papers. You can choose a backpack or a rolling luggage. Backpacks are nice than rolling luggage because you can move fast without delay. If you're traveling with kids, bring 1 umbrella stroller. As for the luggage bags, one adult/full seat passenger is allowed to bring two 50 lbs luggage. This is the content of my luggage. Note: This is from my 2013 international flight from Philippines to US. The immigration asked me what's the content of a kalamay. I told him that it has coconut jam in it. I was worried if the steel pan and pot get confiscated but I'm glad they were still there.


I was able to bring dried fish and squid, and canned goods.


The picture below is a silhouette of my kids while watching the outside window at Incheon International airport.

How about you, what other things were you able to bring after an international flight? Could you share with me too what were not allowed?

Business Card Idea

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What do you look for when purchasing prints for your business cards? It is important to know what you want for the logo and graphics for your business card so the printing company gets the idea of what your business is all about. A business card is a very important, raw marketing image of yourself and your business. You don't want your costumers to be disappointed if it doesn't say the fact about your services.

March 7, 2014

Tardis Paper Art

My husband has been inviting me and my kids to watch with him the early series of Dr. Who DVDs that he borrowed from the library. All of a sudden the kids has been crazy about it. They expressed that they want to be Time lords!


It's getting crazy in our household, alright. Smiles. Little G finished this Tardis papermodel yesterday. I helped him cut the tiny details on the roof but overall, he was participating on this cool project. He was able to glue the sides and flaps.

He is so careful in handling his Tardis. Good job Little G!


Be Timely When Choosing Your Wedding Gown

June is fast approaching and one of the things that reminds me of this month are June Brides. It's because I have friends who are getting married in June and others are going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this June. I did a little research today on why many couples choose June to be their target month to get married. One interesting information says that, it's because June is the month where the heart of Spring blossoms. The wedding ceremony can take advantage of the beautiful weather and there will be lots of flowers to ornate the church and the reception.


Are you a June Bride-to-be?

February 21, 2014

Pretty Japanese Dolls

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I am fascinated of dolls. Even though I'm older, I still like to play with dolls, stuff toys and other cute dolls things that a little girl will love to play. These japanese dolls are no ordinary dolls. I saw them while we're at an Aviation museum in Hammondsport, NY. They were exhibited there as they were newly donated to the museum. It was interesting to see many of them and they are so cute!


Here's a Japanese doll dancer in red outfit.

And here's more antique Japanese dolls. So pretty!

Ain't this neat to see artistic creations made from other country?

Five Alternative Materials to Consider When Building a Home

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Environmental awareness is changing the actions and decisions of many consumers. Nowhere is this more evident than in the building industry. Today's home buyers are choosing to build homes from eco-friendly materials and are incorporating lots of energy saving features and appliances into their

February 14, 2014

Fun Jolly Snowmen

Howdy everyone! We had fun the other day creating snowmen in our backyard. It was a little bit difficult to do it because the weather is still dry and it makes the snow feel fluffy. It took us two days to finish it as it's really, really cold out there. We first built the body of our snowman and I did some trick for the head by adding some water on the snow so it will be a packed ice. Had some old scarf, carrots for the nose and eyes, tree branches for the arms. My kids love their snow man. Smiles. Hope you enjoy it too! Happy Valentines day!

Giving Gifts As A Love Language

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Giving gifts to your loved one is one of the five love languages that you can show them and make them feel special. Also, everyone loves to receive gifts especially if it came from the one they love. A gift that comes from the heart is very meaningful especially this Valentines day! How about surprise her with a flower bouquet and a jewelry in it? Surprise your hubby with a nice watch too! You can find nice jewelry sale at any fashion jewelry store either online or in-store. You know, it doesn't have to be very expensive! Smiles.

Lovely Green Pan

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I really enjoyed using this new green pan. It's one that I got from my product reviews. It's my largest pan and it has smooth ceramic and non-stick surface. I like that I can cook lots of taco meat, fried fish and other food that needs to be fried. I use less oil and even drain lots of fat from the ground meat. It's very easy to clean and dry by hand. If you like to get one of these, check out Ozeri at Amazon online.

Useful App For Real Estate Agent

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Are you a real estate agent looking for ways on how to manage your tasks daily? Do you use technology in your multitasking in order to perform the responsibilities and duties as an agent

January 29, 2014

Wedding Pictorial At The Beach

I was looking over my computer's photo archive and I saw this nice wedding pictorial at the beach. I remember we went to this beach one Summer and we saw 2 limousine vehicles. These men and women with bright yellow and pink umbrellas came out of the vehicle and I thought they look like they just came from a party. After the people came out, the photographers are getting ready outside the door and took lots of pictures when the bride, wearing her wedding gown, came out last in the limo. Everyone in their group look happy and looks like they were staying there for a while to catch up some beach sunset pictorials together.

The last picture is Little G wearing sunglasses. Boy, I sure miss the beach! We have been experiencing very cold weather lately. A couple of days ago we had 0 to -7 degrees F in the local Weather report. It is expected that we will have more of them till the end of this week. Our cold water pipes got frozen so there's no cold water to neutralize the very hot water in the pipes. I collect the hot water in tub where I put a plug in the drain and let it stay there for a while. And when it cools down a little bit, we can bathe. 

January 28, 2014

Five Easy ways to Liven up Your Bathroom

The bathroom can seem like one of the hardest rooms to decorate. You may be at a complete loss of what to do to spruce it up. There are, however, a number of things that you can do to liven up your bathroom. Here are five quick and easy ways to spruce up your bathroom.



Bathrooms are too often bland, white and stark. They feel very clinical – not at

January 3, 2014

Cute Swimming Seahorse

My husband and I visited the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls New York a month ago. It was a short yet a fantastic experience for us. We saw lots of marine animals and one of it that really fascinates me is the Seahorse. I remember holding a live seahorse when I was a kid. It was one of those days that we see them while swimming at a beach in Philippines. My father said we should put it back to the sea because it is a very fragile animal. I am so happy to see more seahorses in the aquarium place in Niagara NY. They are bigger like about 12 inches tall. I took a video of it and hope you guys will enjoy watching it too!

If you guys didn't see the video in your email, watch it on my blog. Enjoy!

Gadgets for Craft Hobbyists that Are Downright Crafty

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Can we love crafty gadgets? You bet! Every crafts lover has their most favorite, indispensable tools or gadgets they couldn't live without. Maybe for a scrap booker it's the tape dispenser they have got had since grade school. For somebody else it might be the knitting needles they've used for years. All we know is we are always looking for interesting and new craft-related gizmos, like a nifty gadget

January 1, 2014

Our Home Little Manger

Happy New Year! It's amazing we're now in 2014! I wish you good cheer and good health everyone! I haven't took down our Christmas decor yet. We still have to celebrate our Lord's birthday until Epiphany. So here's what my little manger look like at home. I light a candle as Jesus's symbol is the light of the world. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration with your family and friends! Blessings to all!