December 24, 2013

Making Christmas Parol For Home

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It's Christmas season, Merry Christmas everyone! Although we experienced earthquake and aftershocks this year, me and my family still celebrates and prepares the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ this Christmas day. My father is making Christmas lanterns and my younger sister and I helped him in decorating.

We made 3 Christmas parols and hang them outside our house. We enjoyed this family activity and we are very proud of our work. Winks. Thanks to our Papa who encouraged us to this.

This post is written by my brother, Johnjohn.

December 17, 2013

Bright Home For Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone! How are you feeling this Christmas? As for our humble abode, I feel that our Christmas is going to be bright this year. Everyone is happy and this month was off to a good start in many ways. Though our tree is just an artificial one this year, it brought bright, happy colors in our house. It's been a rough year this year, I have to admit. This is the first time our living room is clean and orderly. You might thought that is incredible but yes, this was a refuge room in the past months for my Mom in law to sleep in. All their stuff from their fire accident were also placed here too. But now that they finally moved in their home after restorations, we got a place to put up Christmas decorations. It's not that I'm not happy that someone used our room, I'm happy that they were able to stay with us and that I'm happy that they got their house back in order because I felt my Mom in law's agony for that misfortune. But anyhow, thank God for a new beginning. I also received some good news from my family in Philippines that they finally got their electricity back after the earthquake in their place. My parent's house suffered lots of minor cracks and until now they still felt lots of aftershocks. I feel sorry for them and I pray that they could still celebrate Christmas with some light. I heard my brother they were busy making Parols or Christmas Star Ornament to decorate their house. I told my kids about it and they are excited to see it. We will know when my brother send me his post about it and I'll publish it here. Oh, I know lots of you are going to be busy as the celebration of our Lord is fast approaching! Stay happy and blessed when you shop and give presents! Have a Merry Christmas to all!