November 28, 2013

Awesome Vtech Phone With Bluetooth

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It has been less than a month that we got this new cordless phone from Vtech. It's a model DS6670-6C and what I really liked about it is that we can get rid of our old wired phone and that it has bluetooth. Yes, you can connect 2 of your cellphones with it via bluetooth so that you don't have to pick up your cellphone when you receive incoming calls from it. All you have to do is to pick up one of the handset or the earphone/headset that came with your Vtech DS6670-6C. It's so cool! Here's my 7 seconds video on how I connected my hubby's cellphone to it via bluetooth.

November 27, 2013

Winter Garden Designs and Tips for 2013/14

Christmas. Snow. Ice. 'Tis almost the season to be jolly, though your garden might not be. Most people pay little to no attention to their gardens around this time of year because it's cold outside and they assume that nothing much will grow anyway. But that's simply not true. No matter where you are, a pretty, pristine garden can really add some colour and warmth to an otherwise freezing, cold scene.

November 22, 2013

Proud Of His Three's

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Our Little G is moving along very well in his Kindergarten Homeschooling. When he was asked by his Grandma in Philippines by phone the other day what his favorite subject in school, he said Handwriting. I can see his enthusiasm in learning fast through writing what he learned in school everyday. He doesn't just write letters but numbers too! For a 4 year old, I think he is pretty good in homeschooling. There are times I will let him use the computer like doing some educational games at and he is really good on the lessons he has done there but I make sure he won't lose his enthusiasm in using his hand in writing than clicking and sliding his fingers in the computer. Oh well, kids have their own ways of learning, right? I will support him what he loves to do in schooling.

Little G is writing number three's.

November 21, 2013

Wood Furniture Idea For Home

Are you looking for new wood furniture to replace bulky cushioned ones at home? Do you like Rustic theme arrangement in your house? Or are you just looking for new wood furniture ideas to come up a new arrangement for your house this holiday? Every home owner likes to change arrangement in their house once in a while and here are some ideas for you if you want to get new wood furniture.


November 20, 2013

White Coconut Meat

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One Monday morning, my mother told me to extract coconut meat to feed our chickens, geese and turkeys. We have lots of coconut fruit in our backyard after my father took them from the trees that he planted. It's hard to remove the husk of the coconut to expose its inner nut shell. My father taught me some techniques to do it. You just use "bolo" to slice the husk into sections and use your bare hands to peel it off. And then use the "bolo" again to break the shell into two. Using the coconut flesh scraper, our term for it is "kudkuran", I scraped the coconut meat out of its shell. After 30 minutes, I finished scraping 7 halves. I was able to extract coconut milk out of the meat and feed the rest to our chickens, geese and turkeys.

Thanks for my brother, Johnjohn, for this post.

Furniture Through the Ages

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There is no denying that picking a sofa is a tough decision. As an item that will be long standing in your home, you need to ensure that the comfort and style of the piece is perfect for you. Furnishing Homes have devised this interesting infographic that details the change in style of furniture starting from the 1920's right through to present time. Taking this into account, there is no denying that the corner sofa looks perfect to lounge on!

Bowl Of Fruits

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My mother bought this fruits a few weeks ago. My father and mother are fruit lovers. They love to eat fruits because they know that it's nutritious for the body. I am happy to see them choosing to buy the healthy kind of food although some of these are expensive. What I did is that I arranged the fruits in this silver bowl to look like it's a still life photo. I took a picture of it and I placed it in our dining room. One by one, each fruit is being shared to the 4 of us and they're all gone. We enjoyed eating them! I hope we can eat more fruits in the next few weeks!

Thanks to my brother, Johnjohn, for this post.

November 19, 2013

Home Flooring Idea

Perhaps one of the most popular home décor trends today, rustic hardwood flooring, is growing immensely as a popular choice for your home. With a timeless, worn, and natural look, rustic hardwood flooring can provide an ample amount of warmth and beauty to your home. Perfect for a cottage or country-inspired place, the natural beauty of rustic hardwood flooring is undeniable.

Yummy Seafood

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Two weeks ago, my friends and I went for an outing to unwind our stress from work.We had a fine, delicious and healthy lunch that we ourselves prepared and cooked. We prepared 4 kinds of seafood. We bought fish, crabs and clams. We grilled the fish was grilled, steamed the crabs and did some kinilaw or raw fish with fresh seasonings. Yeah, we had lots of fun especially that we got to bond as friends and co-nurse trainees. It was refreshing to eat seafood once in a while.

Thanks for my brother, Johnjohn, for this post.


Protecting and moving your large items

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One of the biggest hassles when you are trying to move to another place is moving all those large items from one place to the other. Not only are they usually incredibly bulky but they are also really hard to protect from external damage as they cannot be simply put into protected boxes. However, there are a variety of things you can do to ensure that all your large items will be safe during their trip.

Hubby's Color Art

I am so proud of my husband showing me his work after we did a Coloring art together with the kids. He really put his heart on this one. It has an All Saints theme in it. It doesn't have any particular Saint in it but the whole drawing shows that anyone can be a Saint. To be a Saint is by following God's plans and praising Him of all His wonderful works in this world. When things get's rough, we need to turn to Him so we will be guided on what to do or how to recover. Hope you like this simple art that my hubby did folks. Have a great day!


November 12, 2013

Cute Screech Owls

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My family and I went to an Owl show at Audobon center near our place last Saturday. It's so fun because we can see Owls up close. There were many kids and adults who went to the show. We went there early so that we can have seats and I was able to take lots of pictures. At the lecture, it is sad to know that these Owls were rescued after being hit by a car, lying helpless in other places near our area because they lost eyesight on one eye, broken wings and others. The caretaker said he has only two options for this owls and he has to abide the laws at the same time too, either keep them for educational purposes or euthanize them. At the moment he has 15 birds rescued and 6 of them are Owls. Here's 2 of the 6 owls during the show, they are called Screech owls. They are a foot tall and they are so cute!

Cool All Saints Hat

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The Daddy and the boys were so proud of wearing their All Saints day hats. I was wearing one too but I took their pictures first. Smiles. We had fun coloring pages first and then I turned them into hats. My husband explained to my kids the meaning of the symbols while doing the coloring. We love Jesus, our Lord and savior so much! We praise God for all his beautiful works especially the Saints who are with Him in heaven. And we pray to the Saints as we believe they are our spiritual warriors and that they will help us to be closer to God. I hope you like their hats folks!


Idea To Manage Well Your Home Mortgage

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Changing the interest rate on your mortgage could save you thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage. If your credit score has improved since you initially got your mortgage, why not take a look at what interest rates you would qualify for right now? The changes in the economy could also have driven the rates down, even if your score stayed the same.

Cute Pumpkin Carving

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I was surprised yesterday when I checked out our 4 jack-o-lanterns in the porch, they are still in good shape. The ones that our neighbors had were all moldy and they seem want to keep it there until Thanksgiving. My husband said people here usually keep it that long as it's still part of celebrating Autumn. I told my kids that I'm going to turn one of our jack-o-lanterns into a pie and I let them choose which ones. To my surprise, they chose theirs. They want Mommy and Daddy's pumpkins to stay long outside the porch because it's bigger than their pumpkins. Oh well, I'm happy that they are not crying while I was cleaning and slicing their pumpkins last night. Can't wait to eat homemade pumpkin pie! Smiles.

Daddy & Mommy's Jack-o-lanterns.

November 5, 2013

Getting Organised For Christmas

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With December fast approaching, the busy Christmas is nearly upon us! To help you get organized for the festival period and stick to your budget we have put together our top tips for getting organized this Christmas with everything from gifts, food and decorations.  Christmas should be a relaxing and enjoyable time of year, so avoid the stress and get organized in 2013…..