November 21, 2013

Wood Furniture Idea For Home

Are you looking for new wood furniture to replace bulky cushioned ones at home? Do you like Rustic theme arrangement in your house? Or are you just looking for new wood furniture ideas to come up a new arrangement for your house this holiday? Every home owner likes to change arrangement in their house once in a while and here are some ideas for you if you want to get new wood furniture.


Aside from reading, I got some ideas from my Mom in law on how to buy wood furniture. She got nice,  authentic wood furniture in her home and she believes that they last for a long time. The good news is, anyone can judge how good is the quality of a wooden furniture. She said the best ones are made from oak and cherry trees. Most oak furniture are sturdy to use as beds and cabinets for the kitchen. The cherry furniture are the ones used in antique secretary cabinet and dining table and chairs. She said she loves the smell of cedar which lingers in her clothing inside her cedar chest. When I was looking for dining tables and chairs, she helped me buy a good sturdy set made from solid maple wood furniture. Shopping for new solid wood furniture these days is not hard because they are all labeled on what wood they are made of. I found a website called Furniture Plus online where you can find quality wood furniture. Prices vary depending if you want a new or used wooden furniture. Sometimes you'll get good quality in used one and sometimes not, so it's best to look at the new ones in the well known home furniture stores.


  1. Hubby and I are thinking of getting rid of our dining set as we are planning to covert the dining room into a bedroom.

  2. I personally love wooden furniture, especially the older looking stuff. I can be new and have that antique look. Wood is my favorite though!