November 20, 2013

White Coconut Meat

One Monday morning, my mother told me to extract coconut meat to feed our chickens, geese and turkeys. We have lots of coconut fruit in our backyard after my father took them from the trees that he planted. It's hard to remove the husk of the coconut to expose its inner nut shell. My father taught me some techniques to do it. You just use "bolo" to slice the husk into sections and use your bare hands to peel it off. And then use the "bolo" again to break the shell into two. Using the coconut flesh scraper, our term for it is "kudkuran", I scraped the coconut meat out of its shell. After 30 minutes, I finished scraping 7 halves. I was able to extract coconut milk out of the meat and feed the rest to our chickens, geese and turkeys.

Thanks for my brother, Johnjohn, for this post.

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