November 22, 2013

Proud Of His Three's

Our Little G is moving along very well in his Kindergarten Homeschooling. When he was asked by his Grandma in Philippines by phone the other day what his favorite subject in school, he said Handwriting. I can see his enthusiasm in learning fast through writing what he learned in school everyday. He doesn't just write letters but numbers too! For a 4 year old, I think he is pretty good in homeschooling. There are times I will let him use the computer like doing some educational games at and he is really good on the lessons he has done there but I make sure he won't lose his enthusiasm in using his hand in writing than clicking and sliding his fingers in the computer. Oh well, kids have their own ways of learning, right? I will support him what he loves to do in schooling.

Little G is writing number three's.

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