November 19, 2013

Protecting and moving your large items

One of the biggest hassles when you are trying to move to another place is moving all those large items from one place to the other. Not only are they usually incredibly bulky but they are also really hard to protect from external damage as they cannot be simply put into protected boxes. However, there are a variety of things you can do to ensure that all your large items will be safe during their trip.

First of all, make sure to check which of your large items can be broken down to smaller pieces. A lot of household items like bookcases and even sofas can be dismantled into pieces. The simple process of dismantling them will save you a lot of effort when moving and will ensure that they are protected and handled correctly. You will also possibly save money as it is way more cost effective to transport smaller items in a single trip than to do multiple trips because the larger items could not fit in.

When you have the smaller parts, you can begin to secure them with protective wrapping so that they do not get scratches on their surface and that they do not break during the transportation. Try to use things like old sheets that you would throw away or that you do not really need any more because they will probably get destroyed. If you do not really have any old pieces of clothing that you can use for this purpose, either ask around your family and your friends if they have any or go to some markets that sell such old stuff. Chances are they will be very cheap and they will certainly be cheaper than repairing a scratched surface or even entirely replacing some of your items because you cannot use them anymore.

IF you are not sure about what you should do with an item then think about what is going to happen when it is being transported. If you are trying to protect the dismantled pieces of a bookcase, consider adding pillows in them or other soft material so that nothing bumps inside them. If you are securing a wardrobe, be sure to put some extra tape around it so that the doors do not open as it is one of the most common ways that they can break. Every little thing counts and it is better to spend some more time protecting and securing your things than spending a lot of money because you were not careful enough and they broke or they were at least severely damaged.

Lastly, if you are still unsure about what to do with your large items, be sure to ask someone more experienced than you such as the moving company. They will always be happy to help you with various tips as it will also make their lives easier. Never be embarrassed to ask anything as it is reasonable for anyone that has not moved before to have questions about it.

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