November 12, 2013

Cute Screech Owls

My family and I went to an Owl show at Audobon center near our place last Saturday. It's so fun because we can see Owls up close. There were many kids and adults who went to the show. We went there early so that we can have seats and I was able to take lots of pictures. At the lecture, it is sad to know that these Owls were rescued after being hit by a car, lying helpless in other places near our area because they lost eyesight on one eye, broken wings and others. The caretaker said he has only two options for this owls and he has to abide the laws at the same time too, either keep them for educational purposes or euthanize them. At the moment he has 15 birds rescued and 6 of them are Owls. Here's 2 of the 6 owls during the show, they are called Screech owls. They are a foot tall and they are so cute!

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