September 30, 2013

Toolbox Organizer Idea

Waterloo Industries has been one of the U.S.'s top manufacturers of tool storage solutions for over 90 years. Their early history was composed of equal parts serendipity and quality.

Imagine making a product that nobody wanted, then discovering that the product's container was a huge hit. When the Waterloo Valve Spring Compressor Company was formed in 1922, their only product was a compressor for autos. The device worked, but it was too big and cumbersome. Other companies made smaller, lighter units and had big advertising budgets to promote them.

Waterloo continued to resolutely believe in its product. Feeling that the public might like the compressor if they could only see it, the company sent out an army of sales representatives, each carrying a metal chest full of compressor samples. It was the pre-TV age, and this was the only way to get the devices out in the marketplace where the customers could see them.

Business owners still didn't want the compressors, but everywhere a Waterloo rep went, somebody asked him, "Where can I get one of those boxes?" By 1938, tool boxes were the main product of Waterloo, and the compressors were a sideline. In 1957, the compressors were taken out of production and Waterloo devoted itself exclusively to tool chests. In 1967, the name was changed to Waterloo Industries, Inc.

Today, it is easy to see why these chests have been successful simply by glancing at the selection offered by sources like Waterloo toolboxes at Ranging from small, portable units to larger drawer models, these are some of the most durable, well designed tool containers in the world. Poorly made tool boxes may tip over when they are fully opened, but Waterloos' chests always stay upright. Some tool chests are on casters and will always wobble and slide when opened or closed, by Waterloo's have a locking caster mechanism to keep them still. The flimsy, dent-prone sides seen on other brands are absent here.

At Waterloo, there is a tool chest for every job and setting. Small, portable units for the shop floor are available, as are larger units with many drawers of varying widths and depths. Handles are designed for comfort through many years of use, and hinges and latches are made of rust-resistant steel and aluminum. The stand-up units have key-locked bars, and the drawers are all full-width for operation from any angle.


  1. I have never heard of Waterloo brand but glad to know it now since hubby is planning to remodel our garage...

    PS. I know a waterloo but it's a song by ABBA lol.

  2. The hubby probably knows this brand there are numerous organizers and tool boxes on the porch, big ones and small ones. He uses all kinds of stuff, so he probably has used them. I do like organizers, especially ones I can fit into one of my homes drawers :)

  3. Definitely helpful - so that we don't misplace anything else!

  4. Having a sturdy tool box is really a must. What my husband does with his tools is to organize them according to use then he sorts them into several tool boxes which he labels. So he has one for the car, for fixing appliances & equipment, and for plumbing stuff.