September 5, 2013

The Apple Art

I was cleaning my kids room yesterday and I found this art inside G's closet. I think I put it there after G took a VBS classes a few weeks ago. I showed it to him and he told to me how he did the art. After he told me how, I asked him if they were learning about the Holy Trinity. He said he sort of remembered. I asked him if he would like me to teach him about the Holy Trinity that is in his Art. He listened.

I just thought this is a cool simple art for kids in his VBS. Ain't this neat?

I hope you guys can link up your 366 BPC posts with me in this blog. Add it in my Inlinkz tool below.


  1. I was having trouble loading the photo you are sharing mami mel.

    1. Mommy Jhey, it's loading on my end. How about try refreshing the page mommy?

  2. Hi mommy Mel! That's a cool way of explaining the Trinity! Joining today!

  3. It's one interesting way to explain the trinity :)