September 3, 2013

Second Week Of Kindergarten Homeschool

Last week was our second week of Kindergarten homeschooling. My 4 year old is still a beginner to writing, coloring and reading. He can't do it without my supervision. According to my lesson plan, it's normal for kids entering Kindergarten to begin doing writing, coloring, reading and even recognizing shapes and counting numbers. I often forget that because I compare my son to other kids his age (which I should not because every child has his own pace). He already can count 1 to 20 and count backwards from 10 to 1. According to the standard learning of a Kindergarten between 4-5 years old, they should count 1 to 10 and backwards, and can read number from 1 to 20. There were times before homeschooling that we even count 1 to 100 by memory and read it together. My observation to my 4 year old at the moment is that he doesn't like to do coloring very much on his own. And so, with supervision, he will do coloring but only with my help. What he really likes to do is writing letters t and b as this is the letters that we learn in the first 2 weeks. He is still catching up with Phonics like recognizing the pictures and words that has beginning and ending sounds of t and b, and recognizing words that rhyme in a poem or story. I pray that he can accomplish some of the phonics lessons after one month.

The right side of the white board is the work of my 2 year old. The left side where Little G is sitting is the work of my 4 year old. I draw b's in different colors and let him pick which color corresponds to the color of the b's and he'll use it to shade the inside of the b's. He did most of the shading work on his own.

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  1. Good job, both of you homeschoolers! Looks like you are on the right and fun track, Mommy Mel! My official start with textbooks for Triz was when she was already 5. At 3 and 4, we just had coloring stuff and reading (I did all the readings until she was able to learn how to do it). I am an advocate of the "no forcing of your child to learn something but to teach and how him/her about love and passion towards something. Thus, whenever I do my teaching, I don't proceed if there is no willingness in my child. So my advice is, don't force your homeschooler to do something! Let him like it first. It worked well for me! :)

  2. What a cute homeschooler you have there, Mommy Mel!! Great job, little one!

  3. good job to both your little men! i just wish Jared is more keen on practicing how to write, too. he is just too enamored with his toys + the telly in the meantime + studying was reserved for playschool! hopefully, his love for learning will grow as he grow, too :)