September 25, 2013

Reading Fun At The Library

One of the fun things we do after homeschooling is to walk around our neighborhood. It's a good exercise not just for myself but for my kids. Little G felt tired by the time we arrived in the library. That's why he didn't smile when I took photos. But he sure enjoyed his time during our walks. I'm glad he's walking by my side every time we do this rather than sitting in the double stroller. We got to read the books that they picked. They also got to borrow the books that they want to read. The librarian in the kids section is very accommodating. She is happy that the kids are behave and that she can see that they love books. I hope their love towards books will continue grow.

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1 comment:

  1. I envy you MOmmy Mel for having a library that's just a walking distance. We love the library, too! However, we only have one car and by the time the husband is home, I am already too worn out to go out and head to the library. :D