September 17, 2013

Power Plant On The Road

We passed through a tunnel on this power plant while on the road at State Route 7. That was the time where my husband and I went to a Bible conference in Ohio a couple of months ago. My husband likes to take this route when going to a trip there as he will see interesting buildings like power plants. It is said that the company running this power plant is one of the World's successful firms and one of it's chimneys is one of the World's tallest chimney. As you pass by either way, they have a big sign that out of 2 million man hours, there were no lost-time accident. Sounds like a good sign, huh? I also thought it's interesting to pass through a power plant's tunnel on a State road too. It's just weird why they designed it that way.


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1 comment:

  1. Very familiar scene that is, Mommy Mel! I have taken a lot of snaps of plants like that in the state of Pennsylvania during our road trip. I was amazed how many they were, from north to south. Here in WI, plants are those of paper mills.

    Nice shot, by the way!