September 18, 2013

Lowercase b Handwriting For K

I got this new dry erase writing tablets for Little G. I got it at Walmart and what's nice about it is that it comes in a pack of 40 tablets in it. It is very useful for his Handwriting K subject because he's learning how to write letters using lines. I also bought dry erase markers for it. One tablet lasts longer as it really cleans nice and it's thin and small to bring it with him wherever he goes and do some practice writing. At first, he is having difficulty controlling his markers. It's because the surface is slippery or glossy. I thought we'll just set it aside but he said he still wants to try writing in it. I prepared two dots on the headline and baseline and his job is to say the strokes while writing. There are times he does mistakes and I encouraged him not to keep erasing. He got better at writing lowercase b's as he moved on.

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  1. Mommy Mel, your little student is doing such a great job in his writing course! That is a nice buy too, although with Triz, I don't let her use the marker in the white board; it's just for the teacher-mama's use. LOL.

  2. i love it, girl! i'm a preschool teacher and i believe it is a useful tool..

  3. awww good job George, You have a good lil man mommy mel ky mo follow jd sa imung isntruction. You know what, I have learned from experience and from some training and seminar before when I was still teaching first grade that the technique to have very nice penmanship is to staying on the lines when writing the letters and of course the correct and proper writing the letter as well as holding the pen. Good job mommy and George. You have a very good homeschooler right there.