September 11, 2013

Learning How To Count And Tally

One of the new techniques that Little G learned in his Mathematics K this week is counting and tallying. He had a hard time to do it at first but on the second day that we reviewed it, he learned fast. I let him do some sensory play and count using Pinto beans and mold play doughs to tiny bagels. I put them inside squares that I draw in a sheet and let him count and tally Pinto beans and Bagels in it. He really enjoyed it and to my surprise, he's using his fingers to count them by memory before writing the tally. Daddy came from work and found us doing some fun activity in the dining room. He joined and played with Little G. He called me from the kitchen and showed me that Little G is making his own grid, putting the beans and bagels into the squares and started tallying a new batch.

I'm so proud of you Little G!

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1 comment:

  1. Mommy Mel, that strategy works well! I am sure your little student there will grow loving Math because he has started to see the subject as fun. Great job, you both!