September 9, 2013

Kids Study Tables

I'm glad that my husband found this study table at a garage sale a few months ago. He paid $25 for both table and chair. It's for a kid's room and it's made of metal. There are few imperfections in it like minor scratches of paint on the sides and legs but it can be repaired with new paint. The second kids table is an indoor and outdoor type. It's a kids picnic table made of plastic, collapsible for easy carry & storage, and I bought it at Ebay for $80. Quite a difference in our shopping prices huh? I set them both up in our Master's room for now because our extra room is being occupied by my husband's brother. He's still on the process of taking out his stuff to their house after it got fixed from their housefire. I can't wait to turn that room as our main Homeschool room and move this kids furniture there.

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  1. I like george study table looks wide and the one with Vince we have one like that from CSN store before.

  2. Wow Mommy Mel, that is an awesome buy! I super like the first one, the one that's only $25! I am jealous! Lol. That is a perfect desk for the student indeed. My homeschooler here cannot stay in one place. Her bedroom is actually where her classroom is. She doesn't sleep there anyway so it was just fine, although there is a bed. Lol. However, when she is doing stuff on her own, she usually would stay at the living room where Tiara and I are playing as she doesn't want to miss the laughter. :D I can't pick any furniture that I want because of our very limited space. I am glad my homeschooler can work on whatever we have. :D

  3. i love both tables, but given that you got the first for only $25, i think it is my favorite! :) a study table like this is a must have in any little one's home. i got a little table for Jared when he was 2 + he is quickly outgrowing it, in a few years we might need to get him a new one. hopefully, i can stumble upon a table like yours here :)