September 13, 2013

Fun With Play Doughs

We have used this play dough set quite often lately. I only have pictures of the ones we made the other day. If you guys like this set, you might want to get it in Walmart for less than $4 or $5. There are also DIY's online that you can use to make your own play doughs. I haven't tried them yet as I got tempted to buy 3 sets that were on sale plus it saves more time. Anyhow, we did lots of stick men. Little G attempted to make two and some tiny things that he calls bagels. You can see in the picture below. You can see mine and my hubby's stick men. His stick man looks like a little child. So cute! He also molded this cute brown bear. Little V grabbed it and said "Awww".

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  1. Very artistic. You kids have talents liwat sa mama artist.

  2. Aren't play doughs awesome, Mommy Mel? My Triz loves it, too! Those are very nice arts you have right there!