September 27, 2013

Fun Coloring Activity For K

This is one of Little G's art progress in his Mathematics K subject in homeschooling this week. The routine for his Math subject is to answer a page from his Math K textbook and color 2 pages in his Math Coloring book five days a week. I just started him to do pages of the Math coloring book this week as the previous weeks that we did homeschooling, he's so hesitant to do coloring stuff. I opened to him an idea that if he's going to do coloring, I am going to hang his artwork on the walls of their room, hallways and in the living room. He said he likes it. There are times he gets distracted from doing color artwork. But it is a progress to me that he remembered the idea I gave to him the other days that he can color hair brown or black, the shirt can be colorful and the skirt and pants can be brown black and so on. I am just happy now that I don't have to guide his hand anymore. I keep telling him that he's doing a great job in coloring now. That he doesn't go beyond the lines, that we can identify the hair, shirt, and so on in the picture. Anyhow, the picture is about the number 4, he counted four boys in the picture and he said they are reading the Bible together.

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  1. Looks like he likes to color MOmmy Mel. That is a very neat coloring output of him!