September 10, 2013

Fourth Month Of Swimming Lessons

Our Little G just had his fourth month of swimming lessons last month. The first two months was offered at the Y and it was for $28 for 8 days each month. I took advantage of the swimming lessons that Blair Learn To Swim program offered in our area in the Summer. I got to enroll him for another 2 months which was for $15 per 8 days. The swimming program is really nice for kids to interact and socialize. They got a swimming teacher and they get to meet other kids their age. Little G sure had lots of fun and he shows initiative to go to swim like preparing his own backpack by stuffing in his favorite towel and asks me to prepare his swimming trunks. This month, they just finished cleaning the pool so I'm looking out for another swimming classes that they offered.

They get to learn how to swim using a bubble first, then backstroke with a bubble. They also get to use the noodle and kickboard. It was fun seeing Little G progress in swimming on his own. I remember taking him to the pool before and he would not let go of me because he's afraid that there's monsters in the water. After 4 months of swimming classes, he is not afraid to go to the water. He even make big splashes! I'm happy to see him having fun in swimming.

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  1. How nice Mommy Mel kay barato ra kaayo ang inyong rate diha. Si Triz kay wa na namo gipadayon kay mahalan ko. We didn't get a Y membership man gud. Sayangan ko sa monthly nga ibayad. Lol. When the husband didn't have class yet, sya lang nagaturo kay Triz ug swimming. Bawion nalang daw inig makabisita sa Pacific Ocean puhon. Lol.

    I bet George is so good na by now?

    1. Maka-swim na sya mommy but with a bubble :)