September 20, 2013

Fine Dining Lunch

My brother suggested that I should try Gerarda's Restaurant when taking my friends and relatives to dine out. I am happy of his suggestion as the place is really nice - fine dining, the food is great and very affordable. What I mean about affordable is that for taking big groups to dine out, this is the place where you can feed everyone with lots of food and the price is not bad for the pocket. This is a family owned restaurant in Bohol, Philippines so if ever you get to visit Bohol, try Gerarda's. Smiles.

Our dining moments at Gerarda's. The first picture is my Mama and Sis with Little G. I'm the one carrying Little V who is wearing green shirt in the second pic. I have 4 of my dearest high school friends at that time. The 4th one was still on her way to the restaurant when our pics were taken.

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1 comment:

  1. Comparing to restaurant dining costs here and in Pinas, overthere is absolutely sooooo affordable! Fine dining is something that I and my older sisters enjoy! Now I suddenly miss them as I think of all those awesome memories we have had hopping from one restaurant to another almost every night! :D