September 4, 2013

Emergency Hospital Helicopter

This hospital helicopter flew above my Mom in law's house the other day. I immediately grab the camera in my purse and took several pictures of it. I like this particular picture as you can see what the under side of a helicopter looks like. I still couldn't read what the words say but I'm pretty sure it's an Emergency hospital helicopter. My kids are fascinated of helicopters. They are so happy that I took lots of picture of it.

Did you know that an average salary of an Emergency pilot ranges from $40k to $100k annually? The minimum pay is based on a small type of helicopter that a pilot will use. I also read that hospitals typically require 2,000 hours of flight experience for a pilot to qualify as their Emergency helicopter pilot. Ain't this something a career to consider if you're into Aviation?

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  1. wow that looks really close! it's good you were so quick at taking a photo, mommy! good job!

  2. That was really close, momi Mel! Before reading the post, I thought this was just a toy helicopter! :)

  3. It's really very close :) And you did a great shot, Sis :)