September 19, 2013

Breakfast With Mommy's Family

Every time I feel depressed, I go to my computer and open the pictures and videos I have with my family in Philippines. I missed them every time I have sad and happy moments. Anyhow, this picture was one of the breakfast moment that my kids experienced with my side of the family. My Mama cooked some hotdogs, rice, fried fish and french fries. They are so happy to have their Grandsons eating with them in the table. My siblings were happy that our family of 5 + 2 are all present in the table just like eating together in the past. Of course we wish that my husband were with us and he's happy seeing these precious pictures during our Philippine trip.

I hope you guys can link up your 366 BPC posts with me in this blog. Add it in my Inlinkz tool below.

1 comment:

  1. Aren't those pictures we have of our Pinas trip such a savior, Mommy Mel? I do the same as well when I badly feel so homesick! Makamingaw ang dinner sa atoa nga lamian tanan pagkaon bisan simple lang! You have a beautiful family, Momm Mel! :)