September 24, 2013

Bonding Time With Kids

One of the fun things that we did as a family this Summer was exploring the woods and see a scenic view at Allegheny Recreational Park. Our place is near to the Allegheny Forest. Some people think it's scary to go in a forest as you might meet a bear or something but lucky for us we didn't meet any. Smiles. It was a breathtaking trip as the forest air smells so fresh and it was warm and sunny. My husband was with us too so I felt we're ok. Somehow I wish we will visit back there at the peak of Autumn as I'm sure it will be a beautiful scenery where trees will change colors. I can't wait! We enjoyed walking and listening the calls of the birds in the forest.

How about you, do you like forest trips too?

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  1. naka piyong man si George mommy Mel. hehe.. dagko na imong mga anak pwera buyag oi. nice dyud maglakaw lakaw sa kalasangan with family. kung duol among balay cguro kada adlaw pud ko mag adto.

  2. connect with nature d i mo mami mel hehe. unsa kalayo inyoha sa pittsburgh?

  3. Yes, yes, I love adventures out there in the nature! It is a family fave actually! It helps that we live close to a trail so even if we are not near to a forest, the trees around us are still worth the freshness. Nice break from the homeschooling hours, Mommy Mel, eh?