September 14, 2013

Binignit Dish

A friend stopped by at out house yesterday by surprise. She's the one whom we just visited a few weeks ago as she had a housewarming party at her new house. I bought some stuff from her catalog to help her child's public school fundraising project. Anyhow, she gave me a dish that she made yesterday which is this binignit. I haven't tried making this one yet but I really like her dish because it taste like the way I taste them in Philippines. She put lots of Sago and the banana really strikes me most as it taste like the banana in Philippines. I have to ask her what kind of banana she put in it. I noticed some squash, Gabi and some vegetables. I can taste coconut milk in it. It's sort of a pudding, only that it has special ingredients like vegetables and coconut milk to mix in it. Yummy, indeed!


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  1. My goodness! That looks so yummy!

  2. Ahh... sweet friend! I missed binignit na! I am gonna make some soon! :D