September 2, 2013

Beef Tacos For Dinner

I made this beef tacos a few days ago. I remember I bought this seasoning mix for a dollar at our Bilo store for $1. I always remember to drain the fat when the ground beef gets cook and I spread the seasoning on top. I also don't like to eat tacos dry so I added a little bit of water in it for moist. I prepared this plate for my 2 kids. Another thing about this seasoning mix is that my kids can tolerate its spice. I put lots of lettuce on top so that they can eat some veggie even for just a few. They don't like to eat lettuce very much but if it's mix to the taco, they will eat some.

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  1. That looks good, Mommy Mel! The funny thing about me is, I like to eat tacos but only when I am not the one preparing it! Lol. I often have some but they're the vegetarian tacos... at church, almost every weekend because we have a Mexican family at church who almost always bring some to share every potluck. :)

  2. Hmmm I miss tacos! I should buy taco shells soon!

  3. i'd love to learn how to make tacos, too! those looks mouth-watering + good job to your little men for eating lettuce. here for my second BPC entry :)