September 6, 2013

Backward Circle Handwriting For K

Little G is learning how to write backward circles in his Handwriting subject in our Kindergarten homeschooling this week. He still needs more practice as he tends to write it in reverse. I'm proud of him tracing the backward circles in this textbook page that I photocopied for him. After answering every handwriting textbook activity, I always encourage him to write the strokes on the white board. You can see his own backstroke circles on the second picture.

I decided to pile all the photocopied textbook activities that Little G answered in a bookbinder so we can save money by preserving the original textbooks. I hope this idea works so his other sibling will get to use them when he gets into Kindergarten age. This week marks our 3rd week of Kindergarten Homeschooling.

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  1. Kids write the letter the way they are comfortable with. When I was teaching Jake and Justine how to write I started with the lines from top to bottom and left to write as a preparation for reading readiness as well. I made them trace the letter and told them to always begin at the top. Jake followed that direction for a while but when he saw his daddy writing the letter and begin from the bottom he kind of followed it.

    Anyway, I admired parent and mother that home school their children. Both my kids are stubborn like us and that is one of the reason why I don't want to do home schooling. So, good luck to you mommy mel.

  2. Little G is very focused with what he is doing :)

  3. How cute!! he is doing a good job, mommy!

  4. Good job, Little G!

    You seemed so organized, Mommy Mel! Your student's desk tells me so. Pastilan among agi diri ni Triz kalat kaayo. Lol. It doesn't help nga gamay kaayo mi ug space pud. Haha! I don't remember teaching a certain way on how to write. I only showed her I write this way and told her she may not be comfortable with how I do it as she has her own way so I let her do how she wants to do it as long as she can come up with the correct letter. Lol.