August 29, 2013

Thankful To A Friend

Last week, I got invited to a birthday party from one of my dearest college friends. It was a simple party and I'm so happy that my college classmates got reunited. There were many delicious food cooked in the party and I enjoyed eating the Spaghetti and Steamed Prawns. My friend noticed that this is the only food that I'm eating. I told him that it's ok because I already got some carbs and protein in this meal. He's glad that I complimented his dishes. I really like dry Spaghetti & sauce. I also like prawns even though they are steamed with soy sauce only. It's been a while I haven't eaten this kind of food. I made sure to thank my friend after my party and he hopes to get together with me again.

This post is written by my brother, Johnjohn.

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  1. Those spaghetti and shrimp looks very delish Mommy Mel :-) Can I have some spaghetti please?


  2. T miss the Pinas-style spaghetti that I am not the one cooking~ I can't wait till I can have some Jollibee spag! Looks like the party had a feast!

    BPC hop!