August 27, 2013

My Father And His New Hobby

My father is having a new hobby. This is boring for me but to him it's fun. He wants to learn to cultivate worms to use as fertilizers. This has been a trend to our agriculture lately. I suppose because it is a natural fertilizer and no harmful side effects. He placed ice on the styrofoam box that has mixed soil and cow's manure. He feeds them with a particular leaf. I bet you're bored reading my post huh? I know, this is really a tough area of expertise because these particular variety of worms are sensitive to their environment. I hope Papa will be successful on this. How about you, have you heard of someone cultivating worms in your area? If so, would you share us ideas?

Thanks to my brother, Johnjohn, for this post.

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  1. I dear hear someone who does the same thing and yes, it is good for the environment.

    BPC hop!