August 28, 2013

Malunggay Rice Cakes

One Wednesday afternoon, a friend of mine visited the hospital and brought these Malunggay rice cakes in our ward. I am so happy that she brought this healthy snack. Did you know that Malunggay is rich in iron? It's also known as Moringa Olifera in English and many Filipino loves to eat this vegetable because of it's rich nutrient content. I remember my sister shared her photo in Facebook that she made puto cheese too. If only malunggay would grow in their place, she could've mixed Malunggay in her puto cheese and serve it to her family in US. Anyhow, I wish I will also know how to make this in our steamer as this is a big hit for a business while working in the ward. Rice cakes are also nice to eat with hot chocolate on the side in the afternoons. Yum!

This post is written by my brother, Johnjohn.

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  1. Kalamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sa puto nimo Mommy Mel :-) gigutom noon ko ug samot ba :-)


  2. Oh my! I thought it is you who have an ingredient of this Momi Mel! Ka-lami ani oi! Ikaduha na ni sa akong gusto tilawan nga malunggay recipe sa Pinas. The malunggay ice cream that Pinx used to brag when she was still in Bohol is the first one. :D

    BPC hop!