August 31, 2013

Delicious Breakfast After Work

I had a busy last night shift in the Operating Room a few days ago. My co-RN HEALS trainees and I felt so hungry after the two long operations that last day we're assigned there. We all decided to go to our favorite 24 hours restaurant which is a few blocks away from the hospital. I like our simple menu, a combination of dried fish and bacon. We really had a great time eating together. The dried fish was crispy (small "Danggit"). And the bacon was marinated and cooked just the right crispiness. After the breakfast, I went home very sleepy and tired. I thank God before I sleep because I had a full stomach during my breakfast.

Thanks to my brother, Johnjohn, for the post.

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  1. That is a perfect breakfast menu! I bet your tummy got happy with that, Mr. RN! :)

    BPC hop!