July 12, 2013

July 4th Goodies

We had a simple celebration on the 4th of July. Since everybody is in our house, including my Bro in law and my Mom in law, we decided to divide some tasks. My bro in law and my husband decided to do the grilling and I decided to bake some goodies. My Mom in law talked about the stories they had in the past on how they celebrated July 4th. There is always a small family reunion and good food. She said the food that we prepared is just good and should be enough for all of us (she has to eat a little for her diabetic diet). We went to the side of their house to see the Fireworks. There is always Fireworks every 4th of July and I'm glad that my kids and I saw it while my husband stayed in our house. The Road downtown are in full traffic after fireworks and he's glad that he was able to avoid that as he has to work the next day.


The cake and cake pops that I baked for the July 4th celebration.

How about you, did you have a great time on the 4th of July?

Arm Chair Ideas For Home

They say, the home is where the heart is. Many people love to relax and feel the comfort of their homes after a long day at work and other busy days outdoors. Won't you just want to throw yourself on your favorite arm chair first before going to bed too? Having an arm chair at home is nice as it will give you a personal space, and time to wind down stress.

There are New Range Of Armchairs for the home. Most of them are good and are better to invest than the non-arm chair ones. Here are some types of arm chairs that you might want to know before getting one. Woven Rattan Armchair has that native look. They are comfortable to sit on with a cushion and are also nice for the dining room if you have a glass dining table. Another type of armchair is the Winged-back. These chairs are usually chosen by women as it has that nice Victorian wing on it's back and stylish wooden legs. If you like leather with cushion chair, you might like the Club arm chair. Leather surfaced arm chair are nice as most of them are waterproof and they add modern look in a room. I am sure there are many types of arm chair out there. It is also a good idea to add an office chair with arms in your office space at home as it helps maintaining good posture. Keep in mind that your house is a home, where you need to relax and gives comfort to your guests.