June 11, 2013

Brigiotta's Greenhouse Visit

My family and I went to Brigiotta's Greenhouse in Jamestown, NY to buy flowers for Dad's grave. I am kicking to go back there the same week because I also want to take lots of flower pictures. They have lots of greenhouses there and each of it is full of plants and blooming flowers. I think they were preparing this for people to buy flowers for Memorial Day. They had Begonias, Fuschia, Chrisanthemums, Mums, and many more. I feast my eyes to see beautiful flowers everywhere. My family enjoyed our time there.

Flowers at Brigiotta's Greenhouse.

How about you, have you visited greenhouses lately?

How to Finance Your at Home Business Ideas

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When you come  across with a new business idea, you can hardly get your mind to stop  working around it because it might be so good that you can almost feel  the money flowing into your life. However, these types of great business  ideas oftentimes come at the wrong moment, the time when one has no

Kitchen Home Improvement After Housefire

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My mother in law took me and my kids to see her house the other day. She said she can't wait to live in her house again after 7 months. They had a housefire before Thanksgiving last year. It was heart wrenching to see the chaos that the fire left in their first floor. The smoke damage went to every room in the house too. You can see the before situation of their kitchen in the photo below and now you can see the improvement at the above photo. Little by little, their house has lots of improvement. I can't wait to see more improvement in this kitchen now that they are talking that the carpenters are installing cabinets, sink and dishwasher.

The kitchen at the my Mother in law's house, before and after the housefire.

5 Tips to Stay Away From Loans of Debt

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This is a  fact, when you are in need of money, any reflection that you can make on  this matter, or suggestion coming from anyone could not be a strong  argument to make you change your mind, because the only real fact is  that you have to get that money no matter how. Unfortunately, the first

Boomerang Fun

My husband took me and my kids to the park and throw some boomerangs. I never understand how Boomerang works until I saw my son throwing one, I am inspired to try it too. He throws his boomerang so high. So much arm power for a little guy. It's fun looking at my husband catching back his boomerang but mine don't. He said you have to throw it in wrist motion and against the wind. I tried it but still no luck.

Will try it next time. Smiles. I love seeing my family having fun together. My son in this picture is my inspiration that I can do it too!

How about you, have you tried throwing and catching a boomerang?

How an Entrepreneurial Life Can Lead to Happiness

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Living  an entrepreneurial life can certainly lead to happiness. Entrepreneurs are generally more outgoing, driven, and hardworking than the average  individual. An entrepreneurial life does not necessarily mean you will  be wealthy, but you will be following your dreams and applying yourself. The entrepreneurs of the world are who

Trailing Flowers

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I am so happy to see my creeping phlox blooming back this year. I planted 8 spots of them in my small garden at the front of my house. They were just in small pots and I'm amazed how fast they grow every year. Did you know that these beauties are perennials? They like to grow back every year and grow in more space and side of the hills. They are also perfect for borders and rock gardening.

Do you enjoy planting in your home? Have you tried planting creeping phlox?

Can Personal Loans Be Trusted?

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Payday loan companies offer what seems like a promising opportunity. However, if you evaluate their services at a deeper level, you will see that there are some very negative aspects to payday loans. Payday loan companies can't be trusted and we're going to reveal the reasons why. It's time that consumers like you understand the hard facts about