May 17, 2013

Walmart Aquarium

The other day, we went to Walmart and I took my youngest son to the area where he can see many fish. He felt excited because the fish will come closer when he touch his fingers to the aquarium glass. I looked at the prices and it's amazing that a small goldfish is worth more than a gallon of milk. Yes. A gallon of milk is around $3 and this fish is around $4 and up. I remember I used to buy fish when I was a kid. I wish I can buy my kids some fish but till later when they themselves know how to take good care of an aquarium at home.

Do you have a fish bowl or aquarium at home?

Little V looking at many fish in the aquarium at Walmart.

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  1. hahaha akong anak pud mag kisi kisi pag diri na dapita. matanggong gud ko kung dili alsahon ug ibutang sa cart dili dyud ko kagawas. lol


  2. This is one of Triz's favorite spot sa Walmart pud. Lol. She used to have a fish bowl which was a gift to her by her Sabbath school teachers and we were able to buy fishes from Walmart for two times. After they died on us, nag-stop na mi palit kay kalas. Lol.

    BPC hop!

  3. Those are colorful fish for the little brother :-) Buy it Mommy M for him :-) BPC here

  4. Those colorful and playful fishes are attractive to little kids. I remember Bella seeing some of those in a pet store and my little girl has been very excited but just like you I would rather buy an aquarium and fish when she is old enough to take care of those.

    Thanks for the BPC visit Mommy Mel :)