May 5, 2013

Twilight Tulip

This tulip came out as a surprise in my garden today. I never seen it bloom before but I suspect that it is one of the left overs that the past owner of our house left 5 years ago. It stands out the rest of my garden in my front yard and I took a snap of it with my camera. It's funny because you know what it reminds me of the color? It's like the color of the feather on the book cover in Twilight New Moon. It's exactly dark red and white as if a blood dripped over a white tulip. It gave me goosebumps!

Beautiful blood stained tulip.

I'm linking up to 125/365 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. My mother in-law used to have this exact flower you have in your garden. I thought it is beautiful.

  2. wow! so beautiful!! very impressive mommy mel! that is a pretty good shot. ka nice ani na tulips oi.

    thanks for joining BPC!

  3. oh wow! you are so fortunate to have that kind of tulip especially when it grows by surprise :D that is one lovely tulips

  4. Yes it does, looks like it. very pretty, panghatag nya ug liwat ana nga tulip hehe ilabay diri sa pittburgh ang bulb. try to dig the tulips mel so you can replant the bulbs. so pretty i love it.

  5. I never heard of twilight tulip before but this flower is beautiful! I love the mix of color in it, the red and white is fascinating!

  6. I have seen one like this, too and I love it. I have yet to see Tulip blooms for this year kay wa pa jud diri sa amoa, naulahi among Spring.

    BPC hop!