May 3, 2013

Tulip Garden

I feel so happy to see this beautiful tulips at Bett's park garden in our area lately. There were two rows of garden there and it has a variety of Spring and Summer flowers. Every Spring time, I want to visit that area because it reminds me of the first day I arrived here. My husband remembered that I took lots of tulip pictures and I expressed to him that I am indeed in the other side of the world where I see tulips growing in the ground. I told him that this flowers are very exotic to where I live in the tropics and we can only see them in fancy flower shops. Boy, those good old days! Years later, I got to plant tulips in my own backyard. I have this kind of color but after the next years, they got lesser (and lesser) because the bunnies likes to eat them. Oh well, so much about tulips, I can never get enough of admiring its simple beauty!

Pretty Tulips at Bett's park garden.

I'm linking up to 123/365 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. wow beautiful red tulips mommy mel! and great shot! nice dyud kaau ang tulips diri no? katong pagkakita pud nako ani.. hasta pud nako picture picture. hehe.. ug hangtud karon i cant get enough of it. =)

    thanks for joining BPC!!

  2. Those are beautiful tulips Mommy Mel :) I love looking at the tulips in our front yard too :-) Oh how I wish that they stay beautiful like that until summer :-)

    BPC here

  3. Awww pretty Tulips! I love Spring flowers as thery bring so much joy to my depressed wintry mode. Unfortunately, I don;t have a garden around so I have to visit the university just to see them. That's a lovely bloom, Momi Mel!

    BPC late hopping here!

  4. those were pretty red tulips momi mel. wish i can grow like those in our yard. hmm maybe next year. :) BPC hopping here.