May 14, 2013

Treat From Mom

My Mom in law decided to give us all a treat and have a dinner at a Chinese buffet for my 5th Anniversary. That was sweet of her and I thanked her for being thoughtful and kind to me. I know she is a woman of great heart when I first met her after I arrived here in the US. She has been like a real Mom to me ever. Smiles.

Our family dinner at Chinese buffet for my 5th anniversary in the US this year.

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  1. lucky you to have a very sweet mother in law Mommy Mel! akong inlaw kay ambrrooot... lol. sweet man pud pero mura kog matakdan sa iyang sakit kay wala nay laing itopic kundi ang mga sakit sakit niya.. ug dili pa dyud makuntento.. iya pa dyud isulti ang mga sakit sa ubang tao na masking dili nako kaila! hahaha..

    BPC walking diay ko..

  2. Lucky daughter-in-law you are Mommy Mel! That was indeed a nice gesture of your MIL. I miss chinese buffet na, murag 50 years na mi wala naka-buffet. Lol. Naibog ko kang little V nagsuyop sa pansit! :D

    BPC hop!