May 4, 2013

On Swimming Classes

I registered my two boys to attend swimming classes 2 times a week at our local YMCA. That's why I bought this swimming trunks in the same patterns but in different sizes. The reason on why they to have the same pattern is that I don't want them to fight on who wears what. I bought these at Walmart for $8.99 each. The price is pretty steep but they are stretchable and comfortable for the boys to wear. Not only they can use this for swimming but on their tumbling classes 2 times a week too. So far it worked and next week will be their 5th and last week to use this. I hope we can get our Beach plans push through in the next months at Lake Erie so the boys can still use their skills in swimming.

New Swimming trunks for my two boys.

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  1. wow ka nice anang swimming lessons mommy mel. c jj ga swimming lessons man to school nila as part of their curriculum. naa silay big pool sa school. pero nag transfer naman siya ug school kaya wala na naka swimming lessons. nindot dyud na makabalo ang mga bata ug langoy ba no? may nalang sila makabalo.. ako dili dyud ko kabalo mulangoy. hehehe
    nice swimming trunks by the way. i love the patern.

    Thanks for joining BPC mommy mel!

  2. How nice Mommy Mel kay on swimming lessons na imong duha ka boys. Perfect jud na for the summer. Akong Triz wa pa ka-take ug swimming lesson. I am planning of doing so next week or in a couple weeks. Di man sya ganahan gud mo-take ug lessons kay gusto iyang amahan ra mag-teach niya. LOL.

    BPC hop!