May 25, 2013

Get an Air Purification System

It's tough to know what's best for your indoor garden, what with all the gadgets for sale these days, it's tough to know which ones you should get. Every one claims to be the best, that can't possibly be true. I think it's important to find a state of the art air purification system – especially if you are in a major metropolitan area, with smoggy air. Get one that will fit in your budget and also encourage your plants to thrive.

Then make sure it has a inline fan and that you regularly change the carbon filter. You can get the system itself and all the materials you need for maintenance at It's a great site, because it saves you from having to do all the hard calculating and work to determine what's the best thing you should get and what matches with what. It saves time and energy. It's also important to know what to do when indoor gardening. It's not as simple as just plugging in the lights, and setting up a grow tent. Keep the plants watered and well ventilated and under the grow lights. Also, it's not just putting the light on the plants, you have to follow the right schedule, which you should be able to figure out with some research. Keep in mind that the type of light and length under the light is also different for seedlings and adult plants.. You don't want to mess that up because all this time and energy would all be for naught. It's a brave new world but I'm sure you can do it and will even have a bit of fun along the way. Don't just go get the cheapest lights because you will regret it. You want to get a light that will last awhile, and have sound circuitry so it won't short out your entire string or die when your plants need the energy the most. This can be had for a very affordable price, but you don't want to just go for the cheapest. That's a rookie mistake. Get something you can count on because it's your garden and it's only you who will suffer with shoddy equipment.

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