May 15, 2013

Favorite Chinese Food

Do you go to Chinese buffets? Do you have a favorite Chinese food? We don't go so much to Chinese buffet as it is expensive, but on special occasion we might eat there. My mom in law gave us a treat and she insisted that she wants to do it for my anniversary. We went there with a good feast. Our local Chinese buffet is nice because they have a Hibachi stove where they can serve and cook fresh food that you mix in a plate. My kids usually love the thin noodles with lots of shrimps in it. My favorite food to eat is the Pork Siomai, some coooked mussels and shrimps. I am also beginning to like using chop sticks when eating my food!

Some favorite food that people eat in Chinese buffet.

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  1. we go to chinese buffet sometimes.. like 1s in every 2 months. expensive dyud especially if u have kids na. kay even though they eat only a little.. tag $6 ang bayad. kung mag buffet mi.. tilawan dyud nako tanan para sulit ang bayad. hehe.. mao ng panagsa ra pud mi adto kay hadlok ko mutambok. hehehe

    thanks for joining BPC mommy Mel!

  2. We rarely go to Chinese buffet; only when my cravings kicks in. Ako ra jud makadala sa akong mga sakop sa chinese buffet kay akong bana di man kaayo mokaon ug commercial foods nga oily. Mapugos lang sya kaon kung ako ang mohanggat kay I want to eat something nga dili akoy nagluto. My fave is the stir fried beans Mommy Mel, kanang naa sa imong plato, and vegetable lomien. I sometimes order them as take out diri sa fave chinese buffet resto in town.

    BPC hop!