May 13, 2013

Family Lunch At Mcdonald's

Last month marked my 5th year anniversary of living here in the US. I thought of giving my family a treat so I told my husband that I want to treat him and my kids to Mcdonald's for lunch and head over to a park after. He said he would pay for it but I insisted to be the one paying for it so I will feel better of giving them treats once in a while or in special occasion. So here's my photos that day that we celebrated it last month. I know, it's kinda late to share it here but what struck me to post it is that I see happy smiles of my family. My heart leaps every time I see my kids smiling. I told them that it's mommy's anniversary of joining Daddy to live here in the US. They don't understand it very much, but Little G just greeted me Happy Anniversary and I kissed them and hugged them tight.

Our simple celebration of my 5th year anniversary in US this year.

I'm linking up to 133/366 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. nice bitaw ang feeling na sa imoha gikan ang ilang gi kaon. ang it makes us proud na at least naka contribute ta sa mga gastuson even though nga SAHM ra ta. =)
    cute kaau ang bugoy

    thanks for joining BPC mommy Mel!

  2. Awww! Nice treat that was Mommy Mel! Congratulations on your 5th year na diri sa US. Ako nag 8 years ko atong February 1 pero nakalimot ko, wa ra jud namo na-celebrate. Lol. Utro pud ning akong bana, wa juy paghinumdom. Hahaha.

    I always pay whenever we dine out but it the money always comes from the husband's salary. Lol. Now that I got my Paypal debit na, I shall try nga mao akong gamiton on our next dinner out. :D

    BPC hop!